Matt Madsen — Creative + Graphic Design — Austin TX

PirateConnect is a professional network of Southwestern University alumni. Its goal is to connect current students to alumni through avenues of profession, location, and areas of study.

This touchscreen display is used to display the vast network that potential students have throughout the world. My role in this project was to design the visual aspects of the menus, buttons, search, profiles, and interactions. Particular attention was given to button styling to invite users to interact with the screen as opposed to just viewing an automated display, while color differences differentiate alumni who have already signed up with PirateConnect and alumni who have not. The interaction design of PirateConnect not only utilized the visual brand elements of the university, but also elevated the brand as a whole through the experience of its users.

PirateConnect_1.jpg PirateConnect_2.jpg PirateConnect_3.jpg PirateConnect_Spacer.jpg PirateConnect_4.jpg PirateConnect_Spacer2.jpg PirateConnect_5.jpg