Matt Madsen — Creative + Graphic Design — Austin TX

At Hill Country Bible Church, I was responsible for implementing the overall brand identity of the church and was also responsible for the branding of more targeted events and series. More specific projects often required the creation of a custom logo and visual aesthetic that carried the creative through a variety of mediums (print, digital display, email, social media, apparel, etc.).

HCBC1_Header.png HCBC2_Branding.jpg HCBC3_EventsHeader.png HCBC4_Easter.jpg Separator_Lg.png HCBC6_Christmas.jpg Separator.png HCBC8_ForwardInFaith.jpg Separator_Lg2.png HCBC9_KG.jpg Separator_Lg4.png HCBC10_InGodWeTrust.jpg Separator_Lg3.png HCBC11_XA.jpg